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Nákup Process

Order directly on the website or by modules.

1) If you place the order via availability form, please downloaded here:Order Form.xls . According to the instructions, fill the form and then send it to the email address . Following, the electronic invoice will be sent to your email address with which you can arrange the payment by credit card, paypal or Postepay.

2) If you want to order from the site, follow the procedure below.

1. Articles search:
(1) you can find what you want to buy by entering the keyword in the searching box on the homepage.
(2) you can also try clicking on various categories and subcategories.

2. Cart:
when you find and click the item which attract you, the item will be automatically added into your shopping cart. If you want, you can still scan and buy items and pay everything together at the end.
(1) every time you add an item, the system automatically takes into account a unit, but if you want more of the same item, you only need to change the amount.
(2) in the cart you can add your favorite products, edit them or remove them.

3. Registration and login
(1) for existing users: enter your email address or your nickname on the site, then the password and access.
(2) for new users not yet registered: please register and enter the required data.
(3) for purchases without registration: you can also buy without registered data procedure which will indicate to the site.

4. data of the recipient:
(1) Please insert the name of the recipient, phone number, possibly a fixed and a mobile phone and address. An error in this case could lead to a failure to delivery and unnecessary disruption.




5. Returns and exchanges:
   You have the right to return or exchange, but please don't purchase at random for that reason. We hope you take it seriously. please make sure you are clear that what you buy and choose the right color and size. If you aren’t satisfied with your purchase (beacuse of your carelessness) and ask for a return or exchange, we will have the right to charge for the handling fee on all items returned. 
   Before the purchase, you should be familar with the shipping methods. Different shipping methods, the shipping fee and shipping time have a great difference. When your order is urgent, you should pay more attention. Besides, the right and complete consignee information(name or address) is very important. Since resending parcel needs additional shipping fee.
   As below situations: 
1) Goods damage. Please provide us the photographs clearly showing the problem with the item. We need photographs as the proof to process your exchanging or refund. 
2) Parcels missing. After we confirm we will offer a refund or arrange a new shipping for you. 

Any problems, please contact us. We will try our best to make everyone satisfied.





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